Introducing the People Behind Our Rural School District

At the Northern Potter School District, our school administrators and teaching staff work together to contribute to our objectives and activities. We are able to demonstrate strong involvement within the community by working closely with parents, families, and teachers.


Northern Potter School District Administration

Mr. Nathan K. Jones – Superintendent of Schools

Ms. Wendy J. Bailey – Middle and High School Principal

Mrs. Sherri Blackwell – Middle and High School Principal

Mr. Michael D. Morgan – Children's School Principal

Mrs. Ronda Renieris – Business Manager and Right to Know Officer

Administrative Assistants

Mrs. Shannon Kurtz - Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Mrs. Jackie Erway - PIMS Administrator/Title 1 Coordinator

Mrs. Susan Amidon - Administrative Assistant to the Business Manager


Northern Potter School District School Board of Education

  • ​Mr. Michael Grimes, President:
  • Mr. Philip Lehman, Vice President:
  • Mrs. Margaret Schweigart, Treasurer:
  • ​Mrs. April Blake:
  • Mr. Cale Grimes:
  • Mr. David Knowles:
  • Mrs. Jeanne Sherman:
  • Mr. Joel Wheeler:
  • Mr. Clifford Wood:

Children's School

745 Northern Potter Road
Ulysses, PA 16948

At the Children's School, we offer a full-day, 5-day week program for K4 and K5 (4 and 5 year olds born by September 1). We also educate children in grades 1 through 6 in this building.  In addition to core subject matter, students also participate in weekly classes in Art, Library, Music, Guidance, and Physical Education.

We host many special events including Family Literacy Nights, Parent Teacher Conferences, Open House, and Thanksgiving Dinner.

Additionally there is a student government for 5th and 6th graders, enrichment programs, intramurals and clubs for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. The Music Department features chorus for 4th, 5th,and 6th graders and band and instrument lessons for 5th and 6th graders.​

Children’s School Secretary

Mrs. Brenda Lehman

Children's School Faculty

​K4 Teachers

Mrs. Casey Cady

Mrs. Daphne Zelinka

Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Darla Kosa

Mrs. Joan Martin

Grade One Teachers:

Mrs. Nicole Daniels

Mrs. Theresa Graves

Grade Two Teachers

Mrs. Wendy Hamilton

Mrs. Jessica Knowles

Grade Three Teachers

Miss Mary Kitch

Mrs. Angela Lewis

Grade Four Teachers

Mrs. Jocelin Hoven

Miss Tracy Weiss

5th Grade

6th Grade

Specials Teachers:

Mr. Jeff Barber - Physical Education

Mr. Adam Lamber - Library, Media Specialist

Mrs. Lovina Cornish - Music


Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Cindy Cowburn

School Nurse

Mrs. Jessica Cizek

Intervention Teachers

Mrs. Jaime Slawson- Math Intervention

Mrs. Veronica Hunt- ELA Intervention


Learning Support/Life Skills Support Teachers:

Ms. Jessica Shaefer - Autism

Miss Miranda Pesock - Learning Support

Mrs. Jeannine Louca - Learning Support

Ms. Nicole Rathbun - Speech

Ms. Lori Szymanik - K4-6 Multiple Disabilities and Life Skills


Middle School

763 Northern Potter Road
Ulysses, PA 16948

In the Middle School, we use standards-based grading to help students work towards mastery of the PA Core Standards. In addition to the core classes of English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, students also participate in Agriculture, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish.  Students are exposed to career exploration in a Futures course as well.  We utilize a School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention Support program in the Middle School.

Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in athletics, band, chorus, FFA, and Student Council.

Middle School Secretaries

Mrs. Cheri Potter

Mrs. Tammy Ellison

Middle School Faculty

Middle School Phone Number: (814) 848-7534


Dr. Melanie Farrant

Social Studies​

Mrs. Deborah Hamilton


Mrs. Christina LaBarron

English/Language Arts

​Mrs. Amanda Pomeroy

Learning Support

Mrs. Tammy Woolgar


High School

763 Northern Potter Road
Ulysses, PA 16948

High School students have a variety of core classes and electives that are offered to them.  In addition to the standard courses, we also offer Dual Enrollment credits with the University of Pittsburgh,  Mansfield University, Penn-Tech, and Corning Community College.  Students can also attend the Seneca Highlands Career and Technical Center beginning in tenth grade.

We also offer the Blended School Academy (Online Cyber School Program) as an alternative to in-person instruction.

High School students have the opportunity to participate in athletics, band, chorus, FFA, Media Communications, National Honor Society, and Student Council.

High School Secretaries

Mrs. Cheri Potter

Mrs. Tammy Ellison

High School Faculty

High School Phone Number: (814) 848-7534

Agriculture Education

Art Education

Ms. Deborah Rutkowski

Blended Schools Program

Mrs. Melinda Stephens

English Education

Mrs. Marcia Wheeler

Mrs. Karen Wolfinger

Foreign Language Education

Mrs. Jessica Howard

Learning Support/Inclusion Education

​​Mr. Justin Hoven

Mrs. Courtney McCorkle

Life Skills Education

Mrs. Heather Ace

School Librarian Media Specialist

Mathematics Education

Mr. Matthew Doud

Dr. Brian McCorkle

Music Education and Dean of Students 7-12

Health and Physical Education

Science Education

Mrs. Heidi Jackson

Mrs. Georgia McCutcheon

Social Studies Education

Mrs. Brittany Bender

Mr. Chad Haskins

School Counselor

Mr. Kevin Roessner

School Nurse

Mrs. Jessica Cizek

We’d Be Glad To Help

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